Below is a sample of some of the courses you will find inside the SVG U Virtual Training Platform for Contractors. Each course has several chapters of training content and testing for Owners, Key Managers, and Sales Associates.

SVG UNIVERSITY is the first virtual online training platform of it’s kind for the Contracting industry, complete with a full course library of fun, industry-specific training videos by Anthony Delmedico, complete with courses, chapters, and testing, modeled after the book “Win The Game”, and many well known SVG Product Systems to help Contractors scale in the $100B insurance restoration industry.

SVG UNIVERSITY is the most comprehensive and detailed training every assembled for Owners, Key Managers, and Sales Associates. SVG University comes with automated testing and a report card system, allowing owners to use SVG U a number ways to recruit, hire, train, and re-training their Key Managers, and Sales Associates, as well as hold them accountable to training and performance standards.

SVG UNIVERSITY is an online virtual training platform which gives Owners-Entrepreneurs the ability to scale at lightning speed, while reducing their headaches and heartaches of training and re-training Sales Associates and Key Managers on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis.

Anthony Delmedico
SVG Founder and CEO
Author of “Win The Game”

Train Owners and Entrepreneurs
  • Industry Size and Scope
  • Industry Entrepreneurship
  • Storm Scouting
  • Scaling Your Company
  • Cashflow and Receivables
  • Hiring Key Managers
Train Key Managers
  • General Manager
  • Sales Coordinator/Recruiter
  • Field Trainer/Sales Manager
  • Sales Processor
  • Office Production Manager
  • Field Quality Control Inspector
  • Accounts Receivable Manager
Train Sales Associates
  • Scouting and Prospecting
  • Cold Calling – Door Knocking
  • Property Inspections
  • Inking the Deal
  • Winning Adjustments
  • Estimating/Supplementing
  • Using Build Contracts
  • Formally Contracting the Job



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“We had SVG Founder and CEO Anthony Delmedico fly in and spend three days at our company assisting us with launching some of the SVG systems to help us Scale our Company to the next level in 2016. We already do approximately $15,000,000 in revenues per year, but were looking for that competitive edge to double our revenues in 2016 and increase our profit margins. We now have full systems ramped and amped in what Anthony refers to as the Three Pillars of Success in his book, Win The Game for Contractors.”

“The user friendly system Anthony created will make us dominate the market even more! Overall, a great experience working the guys, and look forward to working with them again. I highly recommend SVG training and products to any industry associates looking to scale up their companies.”


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